Faux Leather is a material that retains the charm and the look of natural leather in a modern, innovative way. It is soft, elastic, and less harmful to the environment.

This is a product from the new world where there is no need for unnecessary sacrifices.

After all, a humane attitude towards living beings around us is a new luxury that you can definitely afford

Faux Leather

Faux leather Lezotex is a vapor-permeable, eco-friendly polymer with a microporous structure applied to a base that is made of a special matrix nylon fabric.

An important feature of faux leather is the active finish coating by Togas Innovations, which gives the material an unsurpassed tactile sensation and also prevents the formation of bacteria on the surface of Lezotex products


The matrix system of nylon fibers makes Lezotex more resistant to mechanical damage due to its self-restoring ability. The reason for this is that the matrix substrate actually mimics the natural structure of collagen, just as in natural skin


The durability of the faux leather and the strength of the adhesion of the eco-friendly polymer layer to the nylon backing is verified by a variety of tests carried out by  Togas QC Worldwide.

These tests include 3,000,000 abrasion cycles, tensile tests with weights that are hundreds of times heavier than the weight of the test material, fire resistance tests, quality control, texture uniformity, and tactile tests

and vapor permeability

A special method of eco-friendly polymer foaming forms a micro-porous coating for improved vapor permeability. This structure of the material allows it to breathe in the same way as natural leather, giving it excellent thermoregulatory properties


Lezotex texturing layers are created by using special molds made of high-quality Damascus steel. It allows us to set the texture accuracy at the micron level, thus providing the ability to recreate the finest leather textures. Also, it helps to maintain the same quality and absence of biological defects which are inherent in natural leather, and the accuracy of its texture from product to product


Tactility is one of our main values. This is why we pay special attention to Lezotex finishing to ensure better tactile sensations.

In order to achieve this, Togas Innovations has developed several types of varnishes for Lezotex topcoats. The basis of the varnish is a mixture of natural and acrylic resins dissolved in organic solvents with special antibacterial additives that reduce the spread of bacteria on the surface of faux leather Lezotex